Diabetic nephropathy leads to buy cilostazol online of severe complications. With complex pharmacotherapy, the prognosis is relatively favorable. achievement of the target level of blood pressure no more than 130/80 mm Hg. Art. in combination with strict control of glucose levels leads to a decrease in the number of nephropathies by more than 33%, cardiovascular mortality by 1/4, and mortality from all cases by 18%.

Systematic monitoring and self-monitoring of the level of glycemia. Systematic monitoring of the level of microalbuminuria, proteinuria, creatinine and blood urea, cholesterol, determination of glomerular filtration rate (the frequency of controls is determined depending on the stage of the disease). Preventive examinations by a nephrologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist. Compliance with medical recommendations, taking drugs in the indicated doses according to order pletal online. Stop smoking, alcohol abuse. Lifestyle modification (diet, dosed physical activity). Video from YouTube on the topic of the article.

The information is generalized and is provided for informational purposes only. Seek medical attention at the first sign of illness. Self-medication is dangerous to health! Diabetic nephropathy is a process of pletal changes in the renal vessels, which is caused by diabetes mellitus. This disease leads to the development of chronic renal failure, there is a high risk of death. The diagnosis is made through not only a physical examination of the patient, it also requires laboratory and instrumental methods of examination.

In most cases, diabetic nephropathy is treated with medication and diet. In more complex cases, patients are prescribed hemodialysis, and kidney transplantation may also be required. According to the international classification of diseases of the tenth revision, diabetic nephropathy has two meanings. Thus, the ICD-10 code would be E10-14.2 (diabetes mellitus with kidney damage) and N08.3 (glomerular lesions in diabetes mellitus).

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In addition, a group of factors should be identified that should not be regarded as a direct predisposition, but they significantly increase the risk of developing such a complication in a child or adult with diabetes mellitus. In the development of diabetic nephropathy, 5 degrees are distinguished.

It is noted that the development of such a complication is most often diagnosed in the insulin-dependent type of cilostazol pills. In 40-50%, diabetic nephropathy is fatal. Diabetic nephropathy is caused by pathological changes in the renal vessels. It should be noted that in medicine there are several theories regarding the mechanism of development of such a pathological process, namely.